On Reading “The House on Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros

From The House on Mango Street

I am currently reading The House on Mango Street (2004) by Sandra Cisneros. It came recommended by a friend’s daughter; she read it as part of her English Literature syllabus in Grade 8. Well firstly, I am absolutely delighted that this young bright student recommended this book to me. Secondly, how fabulous that a book like this is part of mainstream school curriculum. And, lastly, it reminded me of a tweet by Rabbi Danya Rutenberg, which said, “We need diverse representation not only so every kid sees themselves as the hero of the story, but so that every kid can understand that *other* kinds of kids are *also* the heroes of the story”.

I think this year as I read 40 books I will consciously seek out books from diverse authors. Here are 11 books recommended by Carolina Moreno, which deal with intersectional feminism, and are written by Latina authors. If you have any recommendations please do mention them in the comments or message me on Twitter @diligentcandy