Nagomi Spa in Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Post treatment selfie

Today was day well-spent practicing zelf zorg or selfcare at the Nagomi Spa and health center. I had a relaxing shiatsu massage; my first. I discovered some muscles in my body that I didn’t even know existed. Points were made, and unmade, along with a long lecture on neck posture. Apparently, mine leaves much to be desired.

This was followed by a re-energizing facial, beautiful citrusy oils, and a thorough cleaning of my pores. The towels were warm and fluffy, the bathrobe incredibly soft, slippers like silk, and warm temperatures that made me a gooey lump of lazy nothingness.

After all this zen, I enjoyed a peaceful swim, without my son who constantly swims under, behind, on top of me, if we are together. No, I did not miss him, I reveled in my solitary splendor. It was good to enjoy the quiet moment.

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