Road Trip to Hasselt and Radhadesh

We made a short trip to Hasselt and Radhesh just after the New Year. Radhadesh holds a special place in my heart and I love going there to seek blessings. As it is a long drive from Amsterdam we decided to stay overnight at Hasselt. It turned out to be a cute little town with lots of great street art. I posted about it in my Insta feed (you must follow me there).

For such a tiny place Hasselt had a relatively large shopping area. I had my heart’s fill of post-Christmas sales. They also had a huge Dille and Kamille. I had heard so much about this particular store and it was absolutely wonderful to finally visit it. The aesthetics were beautiful, and I landed up buying their home fragrances. Apoorva said that our room smells like nimbu pani now. Upon catching my side-eye, he was quick to add: “in a good way”.

It was rejuvenating to have had these two days away. We are starting our work week full-time now, back to the grind; I do feel this Winter we got the chance to exhale, unwind, and restart with a new found zest. And, onwards we proceed….

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