Ku Kitchen and Bar in Utrechtsestraat

Ku Kitchen and Bar located in Utrechtsestraat offers modern fine dining with authentic Japanese dishes. Crispy tempuras, perfectly grilled meat, fresh sushi and sashimi, along with salads and trendy options such as sliders with the yummiest sweet potato fries.

Their seating is minimal benches, with an industrial feel. Do not go in expecting plump cushions, their design is austere, yet, managing a contemporary feel that is not unwelcoming. Their staff is international and the service prompt and efficient.

Ku is extraordinary in their presentation of food; celebrating each dish with an eye for detail and immaculate styling. Their plating was a feast for the eyes. Thankfully, they also managed to match appearance with fresh ingredients and flavorful courses. This does come with a price; Ku is not light on the pocket, a meal for one is approximately 30-40 euros (depending on what drink/dessert you order).

In the evening, there was a whole spectrum of people enjoying dinner, we were there to welcome in my fortieth, there was a romantic couple opposite to us, along with two young families with their newborns, and a very large group of (maybe) office colleagues. The elongated large bar lent a sense of space. Their glass partitioned kitchen, at the end of the corridor, extended the feeling.

The Utrechtsestraat is a funky street with lots of eclectic shopping and lovely eating joints. Its proximity to Rembrandtplein, Keizersgracht, and Prinsengracht, makes it even more special.

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