Dressing Amsterdam in a Ghazal

Photo by Marko Zirdum on Pexels.com

Do you think I can ever write in the vein of Delhi about Amsterdam?
I did not choose Delhi, but once upon a time I selected living in Amsterdam

In Delhi, we have serpentine avenues with magnificent trees
I could find the cycle of seasons, getting and shedding leaves, in Amsterdam

Sometimes I went looking for street food in the gullies
But, here they have posh chocolatiers and tea rooms in Amsterdam

Dotted along the canals these coffee shops get a bad rep
There is more to this city, have you seen The Hermitage in Amsterdam?

I would ask you to walk along Keizersgracht to Utrechtsestraat
Just breathe the air, feel the pulse, do nothing in Amsterdam

Delhi has my heart, it was my coming of age, growing up years
Whereas, I realized heartbreak and tasted cynicism in Amsterdam

It is a liberal city, we can love whom we want and where we want
However, color has a different take in Amsterdam

There are days when I wish I had not moved here
And, there are days I wouldn’t want to be anywhere, but in Amsterdam

I live a simple life, I don’t drive, I take public transport, walk, and bike
I must tell you parking is prohibitive everywhere in Amsterdam

When my son was born the midwife looked at him and said,
“your son is born in Amstelveen, remember, not in Amsterdam”

In Delhi, I would lie down on the green grass of Lodhi garden
I get wet in the rain a lot in Amsterdam

The trouble is I always catch myself looking in
Oh Das, I can see why you like it, they have no curtains in Amsterdam

Photo by Jack Winbow on Pexels.com

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