The Lebanese Sajeria Hua!

We tried out The Lebanese Sajeria for lunch. Let me start off by telling you that their location is super, and their drinks were nice. The ginger homemade lemonade was wonderfully made, not too sweet, not too sour, blended perfection. That is where my praise for this place ends.

Their interior was sterile holstein cow meets hipster aunt, neither here nor there. The Lebanese stamps on the wall were a cute feature, but the entire ambience was lacking.

I was somehow not expecting my wrap to be a wrap, but more like a spread – akin to a platter. Maybe because they menu said “toppings” and not “fillings” – mere fillings ki koi kadar hi nahi hai! It was flavorful, although quite unwieldy to eat. It is not first-date food, rather messy, with the filling leaking out. We tried the hummus with beef and the labneh with beef. In both cases the ingredients were fresh, but the tomatoes were sliced too large in proportion.

I would give this place some more time for them to find their groove. I think conceptually they have a sound plan. The execution, however, is currently sloppy. I am told that they have just started three-weeks back so perhaps these are teething troubles that will smoothen out over a course of time.

For now I am busy humming “sajeria hua, sajeria hua, sardi, khaansi, na malaria hua, main gaya yaaron mujhko saj saj saj sajeria hua” – oh, in case you didn’t already know the word “saj” means a type of grill that is shaped like a dome. Thus, the bread is similar to roomali and requires special skills in its preparation.

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