Lunch at Indian Street Food & Co, Amstelveen

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One of the things I have often complained about living in Amsterdam is the glaring lack of street food. As someone who has lived in Asia and the Middle East, the paucity of options on this front has been a constant niggle. This also stood out to me in New York, although it is a big city with all shiny tall buildings, it has many street food options. Amsterdam primarily serves herring and other fish in sparsely located kiosks, some fries, hot dogs around Museumplein, and gelato in the summer or oliebollen in the winter, but nothing beyond that.

However, things are changing, today for lunch I visited the colorful Indian Street Food & Co, although technically it is not as rustic or earthy (or filthy, ahem!) as Indian street food, it does offer most of the delectable fares typically found on the streets of India. Albeit, in a more refined fashion. I admit I am currently writing this post in a stupor of satiety. The food was outstanding. I tried the gol guppe, papri chaat, palak chaat, aloo chaat, sev puri, and chole bhature, followed by the rabri with jalebi. All, “all” were really special. I also pecked at the kathi roll and the gobi manchurian, each had that authentic taste of Indian fast food.

Indian Street Food & Co ticks a lot of boxes; it is a sweet little joint with friendly service and great food. The interiors are colorful and funky. Peppy Bollywood numbers play on the stereo and the vibe is a chilled hangout joint where one can relax while devouring tangy, spicy, Indian fare. Indeed, there has been an immense absence of such joints here, while we have had Pho, Ramen, and Wrap places spring up in the past, it brings me joy to now see vada pav, chaat, gol guppe so accessible. For entirely selfish reasons, I did put in a request for paan to be placed on the menu, and I have news from the management that they are already looking into it. Fingers crossed.

Located next to the The Indian Kitchen, Indian Street Food & Co. is being added into one of my top favorites; don’t miss this place – it is marvelous!

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