Open Letter to YouTube Influencers

Dear Content Creators,

I admire you so very much for doggedly creating videos on all kinds of subjects: from “monthly favorites” to “makeup tutorials.” I have been entertained and educated. I marvel at your ability to generate so much material day after day in such innovative ways. I have seen “draw my life” and “kitchen hacks” – “room tours” and “shopping hauls” – who could have thought that unboxing a bunch of online orders can leave one so transfixed?

Lately, after watching a considerable amount of general lifestyle and vlogging content I feel I am becoming irritated by the repetitiveness of certain actions. I am hoping that this advice from an ardent fan might help you assess your choices, or maybe not – what do I know?!?

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Background Noise Discussion: Evidently, in videos often there is some obscure sound in the background that the vlogger comments on. Rolling their eyes or exasperatedly flinging up their hands – again and again and again saying: “Oh my neighbor has construction happening” – “My dog keeps scratching” – we get it you do not live in an isolated chamber, and you do not or cannot use insulated studios, its okay, move on, get on with what you are saying. Stop stalling.

Instructions EVERY time: “press the like button, subscribe, hit the bell icon to get notified” – if you have new viewers just put it on a sticker at the end of your video, its damn boring for regular watchers. I have seen a whole range of ways to put this message out, and now I don’t even find the funny ones – funny! Stop doing it. Please.

Do you really want to place dollar denominators before fashion hauls: “I spent $4000 on shoes.” I would rather have you tell me: “Five pairs of green shoes are a must” – admittedly, this is a personal choice, and clickbait is a real thing when each view counts to your monthly paycheck. But, when you keep making headlines with money after sometime it sounds like that’s all you do – randomly hand out money to any and every capitalist venture that jumps shining from the paradigm. Placing the focus on the subject would be a better long term initiative.

Lastly, when its an ad, obviously a commercially motivated suggestion please specify so in the most explicit manner possible. You lose credibility with sneakiness. This is work for you and you generate income from it – withholding information that it is a paid partnership takes away from all the hard work you put in.

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Thank you for putting in your time, energy and resources towards making these videos. Their views running in millions are a clear indicator of how hungry your audiences are. Keep growing. Hoping to see many more videos.

Warm regards, Amrita

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