Dinner at the Sky Restaurant Pi

We had an unexpectedly delicious dinner at the Sky Restaurant Pi at the Fletcher Hotel. “Unexpectedly” because the decor did not look promising. Additionally, somehow being just off the highway does not spell out – gourmet extravaganza. Even though architecturally it is eye-catching, one does not derive a sense of – “oh this will be a nice place for a meal.” Instead, it is the sort of place you land up staying overnight on work when looking for a budget hotel. Still, we found ourselves there thanks to generous vouchers by our respective workplaces.

We started off the evening with the Italian platter. A thoughtfully arranged charcuterie of delicious parma ham, pecorino cheese, sun dried tomatoes, marinated olives, and sea salt. It was exceptionally fresh. For main course, I had the truffle risotto, which had innovatively made goat cheese spring rolls. Apoorva had the rather prettily plated seabass and Bambi went for the matter of fact bavette. The meals were cooked and styled to perfection. Our desserts too maintained the spirit of the evening.

The views from the restaurant are beautiful but unfortunately they are interrupted by the facade, which seems haphazard from inside. The interiors seem dated, giving off a “last season” vibe. What it lacks in infrastructure the restaurant tries to make up for in its extraordinarily executed menu. Would I recommend this place? Yes, but only for the food.

I hope you enjoy our pictures from the evening.

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