Basel Trip, Day Two and Three

If you visit Basel then do take a day to admire the Old Town. Along with the Mittlere Brücke, the Basler Münster (Cathedral) or Minster is probably the most famous landmark in Basel. It is quite like the Dom in Cologne. Its iconic red sandstone walls and twin towers, are easily recognisable in the Basel cityscape. There is the beautiful red Rathaus or City Hall, with vibrant frescos. This unusual placement of red is really breathtaking during the day and especially during the night when it is bathed in warm yellow light. It made me appreciate the red tones in our living room at home. It is a well-loved, well-worn, yet vivid hue that exudes sumptuous coziness.

Hardly another monument in the city of Basel has become such a symbol of the city as the Mittlere Brücke. Bridges anyway add so much character to a city, Ljubljana comes immediately to mind with its triple bridges and the gorgeous Dragon bridge. The Mittlere Brücke opened in 1226, and is one of the oldest Rhine crossings between Lake Constance and the North Sea.

The Pfalz is a spot in the Old Town that offers panoramic views of the Mittlere Brücke, Rhine and the city. We visited the Natural History Museum in the Old Town, which had a rare treat in store for us. They were hosting 2019’s best wildlife photographs in partnership with the National Geographic magazine. The exhibition had landscapes, animal portraits and dramatic spectacles of nature. Bambi was spellbound; he especially loved the fact that the youngest photographer was just 13.

We weren’t permitted to take pictures of the exhibition, but I urge you to go visit the website to see these mesmerizing shots: click here. What I can share with you are our pictures from the Basel Zoo.

One of the sweetest sights we saw at the zoo was the penguin walk. These delightfully extroverted penguins wobbled along to check out the other animals (including us). Genuinely curious about the visitors, they had to be constantly reminded of their manners. I watched toddlers, about the same height as the penguins, interact with these darling creatures with such rabid fascination.

Bambi loved his giraffes. We also had the rare opportunity of watching a hippo defecate. I had no idea that they flip their tails wildly to get their excrement as far away from their bodies as possible. It was delightfully disgusting to observe. Bambi has video footage of it, which he is disturbingly happy to have captured.

Don’t forget to join us for our last day at Basel, when I will take you through the art the city has to offer.

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