Dinner at Takumi Burgers and Steaks

As I had mentioned in my previous post, we will be trying out all the new restaurants in Gelderlandplein. This time around we dined at Takumi Burgers and Steaks. So, the result is that both the boys, the older one and the younger one, are crazy about the place. The minute I said, “I am not going there again,” their faces shrank.

That was a joke, albeit a mean one but the last time these two went gaga over a place I had to eat there almost everyday for weeks. I am dragged (willingly) to Pisa Ijs every other evening for gelato because these two need their fix. Tip: if you go to Pisa Ijs you have to try their Orange Yoghurt Ice Cream. It is beyond divine. Trust me, you will not regret it.

Winding back to Takumi, it is small restaurant, not much in terms of decor but is always full. The meat – burger and steak – along with the fry-ups – french fries and calamari were super good. The salad was crispy, fresh, and the meat was perfectly done. Food-wise they are definitely recommended but in terms of ambience – bleh! Its ok. You can watch the cars drive out of parking. The staff is friendly and indulgent. Personally, I would pick oriental food over this anyday however, the men in my life think very differently. I have a  ten-year-old who can tell his Wagyu and Angus apart and was devastated to learn that eating beef is not allowed in India. So there you have it.

After dinner we went to Jamin to get ice creams – they have a Nutella flavour, which works rather well after a heavy session of meat eating. It is also a good place to feel like a kid in a candy store – bad joke alert. While at Gelderlandplein do notice all the artwork they have in the mall – some of it is pretty amazing.


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