Oriental Tapas at Ruby Restaurant

Ruby Oriental Restaurant has a long history with us. Our second winter in Amsterdam, Apoorva and I fell dreadfully sick. We were young parents to a six-month old, horribly ill with the flu. Ruby was located opposite our house and we genuinely believe it was their phenomenal wonton soup that nursed us back to health. We used to wait by the window for their “open” sign to glow, pick up the phone to order those white bowls of goodness. That sign brought up hope and warmth.

Over the years the restaurant has evolved. Shedding its skin from a panel-rich claustrophobic space to a modern open atmosphere; gone are the pink tablecloths laden round tables replaced by sleek stylish dark wood furniture. 

Ruby, now, has a handy tapas menu that permits you to sample a whole lot of their fare for a reasonable price. The pictures will give an idea; I love the steamed Mandarin buns, so soft and fluffy. Apoorva felt the Chinese egg noodles captured the Chinese-van vibe (the sort of food truck that stood next to Sangeet Bharti near Bengali Market in New Delhi). I did not like the pork belly, it was nothing to write home about. However, their prawn dishes were delicious. I am regretting not ordering our favorite – Chicken Five Spice, I guess we’ll just have to go back again soon :-). 

I have previously written about Gelderlandplein turning into quite the food and shopping destination. Ruby is iconic; having survived many of the changes the new developments have brought about. Some places, like Takumi, did not make it. 

I would recommend Ruby for its rich carefully chosen flavors and ambience. It is the perfect place to host a lunch or dinner for five to fifteen people; they are open to doing set menus for such occasions. 

Also, do try their Chinese tea, it is lovely. 

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