Lunch at Loetje aan de Amstel

I absolutely love Loetje aan de Amstel. The decor is modern, fuss-free, chic, with striking elements. The food is out of this world. The steak was perfect. The burger polished off in seconds. The Dover Sole, seasonal, fresh, and so delicate. I was in food heaven.

We have been dining at Loetje for ten years now and never has it disappointed us. I have had their bacon and chicken salad, creme brulee, sashimi, and each dish is so delicious. There is an honesty in their food, it looks straightforward, without frills, and comes packed with flavor, even their fries are so good!

You have to try Loetje, especially if you are traveling from India and love your beef – this is the place to go. They have a branch in the city too.

The pictures have been taken on my mobile phone, they might not be as clear as the Canon I usually use, but hey like the unfussy food they present a restaurant that is truly worth it. Also, I must add, that for Amsterdam standards their service is really friendly.

If you visit the Loetje by the Amstel River do take a walk along the river it offers some magical views, even on a grey day the shimmer of the water and the languid boats provide pretty sights.

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