New Lunch Menu at Loetje

My love for Loetje is well-documented. I continue to enjoy their food and service. They have revamped the lunch menu and offer poke bowls, which are quite trendy at the moment. I had mine with “biefstuk” – it was delicious, beautifully cooked meat, succulent and full of flavor. The men in my life enjoyed their regular steak and burger. Neither complained! In fact, one of them even said that there is no point to eating steak and burgers anywhere else!

We took a short walk down by the riverside. It was a freezing feels like -3, if you look at the clear blue skies and the gorgeous sun one must think its a stunning summer’s day, but don’t be fooled it was bitterly cold.

I can’t wait for spring to come in, I know we enjoyed a long summer last year, and it is “normal” for it to be this cold at this time of the year, but I am so done with this weather. The sun offers so much possibility, which the grey dismal dampness destroys.

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