Pictorial Ode to Twente

We spent October break in Twente. Pictures featured here include Oldenzaal, where we stopped for lunch, De Lutte, and Enschede. Our stay was at a hotel in De Lutte called Landgoed de Wilmersberg. It is a quaint and cosy property full of old world charm. They have beautiful pathways to either walk or bike. Bikes and umbrellas you can rent/borrow from the hotel. The hotel staff is helpful and create a warm welcoming atmosphere.

In the hotel they have many thoughtful nooks where you can read a book, or sit by the fireplace, even grab a drink.

During our breakfast we binged on the one of the nationally most-renowned foods from Twente – the krentenwegge. It is a long loaf filled with raisins and currants. You can also buy it at the AH. It is heavenly with softened butter especially along with coffee.

We also drove to Enschede, and enjoyed the Rijksmuseum Twente. It has a mix of modern and old exhibits. Some bordering on the bizarre. They had multimedia artworks, which were fascinating to observe. If you follow me on Instagram (which you SHOULD) you can watch some of them on my feed. We rounded off our trip with a truly multicultural and absolutely delicious dinner at the Lebanese restaurant Habibi.

This break was very welcome as we have an extremely busy work period ahead of us. I will be working at the International Office at the VU for six months as an International Student Advisor for the Humanities and Social Sciences. I am also involved with the Mixed Classroom in Practice workshops, which are so inspiring. November is also the month when our MOOC English Pronunciation in a Global World is taking place. I love being a Mentor on this course and working with students from all corners of the world.

I also feel inspired working with some amazing mentors and colleagues. It is a blessing to be able to have the opportunity for intellectual labor. It is a gift to be able to do this intellectual labor for and with people who are kind, wise, brave, and daring.

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